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The brain functions have patterns. Storing of information, rejection, acceptance of data, all follow a pattern. Neuroscience, we call it. To ensure retention and impact, we use neuroscience breakthroughs to design our eLearning courses.  We update our courses with innovation. The courses are enough agile to shape-shift with technology change.

How we can help you to build your eLearning courses

Build the comprehensive one

Small sessions or complete courses, our eLearning designs fit perfectly. To retain longer, we add hints of stories at all points. With clear instructions, sufficient visual support and designed in micro segments, the courses communicate effectively.


Short duration, visual actions stay in the mind. Animation training designed on this approach helps trainees retain most of the learnings, we use them at appropriate moment and use them in parallel applications.


Proven beyond doubt, games educate. People retain more things when learnt through games. We design the most entertaining games first, and insert training materials in them. Naturally the games-trainings are hits.

Technology enabled videos for AR/VR

As the world prepares for accepting the cutting edge benefits of AR/ VR, our designers are already making effective, safe and quickly absorbed AR/VR enabled eLearning courses to make learning more hands-on.

Why business are adopting eLearning?


Uniform Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) worldwide. Uniformity of communication, clarity on policy and customer handling.

Better Bottomline

Growth in sales and revenue with training for all regions. Improving the professional quality of staff irrespective of their location. Rise in bottomline.

Improved talent pool

Training is a professional asset. It attracts talent as this grows the talent and overcome professional barriers. A better pool of talent in the organisation.


With all staff trained on latest professional techniques, it is harder for competition to challenge the brand and gain marketshare.

Better education

Mass education irrespective of employee location. Helps to training staff in remote or far places.

Brand Image

Makes the brand more respectable with proper communication, with better trained staff increases brand flexibility and adaptability.


With the brand culture clearly communicated and repeated at given intervals, the culture slowly is built uniformly throughout the company, irrespective of location.



A bunch of professionals engaged in different segments of eLeanring.

In three broad categories our professionals can be divided-

Idea people

They work on the concept. Design the frames. Decide on the choices and create the structure of the course.

execution people

They flesh out the materials on the guidance of the design. Make the animation. Create the voice over. Work on the graphics.

vision and finishing people

They research to improve. Our designs, our execution, all our assets. To make them better. To make them future ready.

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App Marketing

Art Dealer




Law Firm​

Real Estate


Driving School


Wooden door manufacturer

Plaques and Sand casting






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