Idea Extent

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, for businesses today, is the second identity after its website. And for many business objective it is much more than the website. Businesses build reputation, earn customers, generate awareness through LinkedIn and even after a massive organic support targeted campaigns are necessary to extract leverage from LinkedIn marketing.


There are nearly 600 M users on LinkedIn and 75% of LinkedIn users are part of business decision making. It is a goldmine of new business opportunities. Content marketing, is the primary organic way to draw attention. Given the running practices in LinkedIn, audience also expects to find informative, academic content here. We keep in mind that a whopping 80% of the LinkedIn audience is college graduate and are well informed in their domains. Creating attractive content for this audience profile is a challenge. Idea Extent comes handy here.


Since the professionals here are time deficient, clearly stated, precise, objective ad campaigns optimising the value addition is needed in LinedIn. With deeper audience research and data analytics, Idea Extent marketers mastered this ad format and delivered solid results for most of their clients. 


Why Idea Extent- Our knowledge of LinkedIn marketing, our understanding of the B2B landscape, our audience understanding, the pointed strategy of campaign and our professionals. We take a huge difference, acknowledged by our clients.