Idea Extent

Digital Marketing Solutions Connecting through Data, Design and Performance

Our Expertise


We combine data insight with strategy and craft the campaigns that bound to perform.

Marketing hunts in a group. In its early days. When digital has no data, no audience profile, and no references to draw insight from, it is better to integrate multiple marketing channels for results. And results do come when they work in tandem.

At IdeaExtent we combine processes to gain data, understand customers and drive long-term business results.


We evaluate any marketing challenge in its entirety. The points where it stops, the future points of possible blockage and create the solution for all of them. It often stretches us beyond our comfort zone. Since we choose end to end marketing solution as a business positioning, we welcome the challenges. 

Our solutions are tailored to the need. Not generic, nor industry templates. Designed for a particular business with a defined set of challenges in current and future conduct.

Our broad range of marketing solutions preferred by most of our customers are-

Performance marketing

We perform in our performance marketing. Our strategies deliver results, our copies attract, our images communicate. We give you business, revenue.

Organic Marketing

We build organic growth for our clients through structured, informative, knowledgeable contents. They engage viewers, make them curious and help them in their decision. The viewers stay on the page, recommend the business to others and help improve the Google ranking of the business.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data shows what feeds the good and what feeds the bad. Clearly finds the channels to escalate viewers and the channels that are draining money. With our data-driven analytics for marketing we are nearly solid in our decisions and the results we will get.