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Digital is data surrounded. The goods, bads and the underbelly, we use the very same data and insight to improve performance. Always.


We do not hold back your log-ins, our campaign recos are ruthless on mistakes, our invoices are straight. We build no shadows to hide.


Broken page or poor-load animation, that impacts clients’ business, we clear hurdles. Domain agnostic, client centric resolve for results.

Organic marketing is the practice that drives traffic to your website over the time in a natural way. Publishing optimised content on webpage, blog, case studies, guest posts, unpaid tweets, and Facebook updates are part of organic marketing strategy.  Organic marketing practice includes SEO, social media, forum posts, and a variety of other channels to increase brand visibility thus brand awareness.

The main goal of organic marketing is to increase brand awareness and build a connection with your audience, whether through educational or entertaining content. Of course, as a business, you’ll need multiple ways to attract leads and convert users. Organic marketing is just one way to do that (paid marketing is another, which we’ll dive into below).

With organic marketing, you can attract visitors to your site, who will hopefully convert to paid customers eventually. The goal is to keep your business top of mind when it comes time for a consumer to make purchasing decisions.

Additionally, organic marketing impacts your paid marketing efforts because if someone organically comes across your website, you can retarget them later with paid ads (on social media, search engines, etc.).

Ultimately, the goal of organic marketing is to drive traffic to your site. While you’ll use social media channels, the best place to spend your time with organic marketing is SEO. In fact, SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

To measure the effectiveness of your organic marketing efforts, you’ll look at which content is driving the most traffic to your site, leads generated from those campaigns, and which channels drive the highest amount of high converting traffic to your site.

Organic Marketing Examples

Before we dive into the differences between organic and paid marketing, let’s look at some examples of organic marketing: