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Organic Marketing

Crowd GPS Scanner is an app for user safety.

BLE tracking devices are very useful to find lost items.

They are equally dangerous in tracking unsuspecting innocent people.

Crowd GPS Scanner helps one avoid this unauthorized tracking.

Campaign Overview

Budget was a constraint. So, paid campaigns were out of question.

Resources were limited, only two social channels can be chosen for organic progress.

Twitter was found more alert to current happenings, changing surroundings and had vocal champions for causes. And they were easy found, the algorithm fits the purpose.

Campaign and its impact

We discussed the possible outcomes of unauthorized tracking with users, especially those who were interested in security and personal space. This slowly build the awareness. The awareness increased traffic to the app and it was noticed and acknowledged by users, in turn delivering traffic and revenue.

We added other social media and organic search to the process to emphasize more.

This was our first work with zero campaign budget and the organic work was so lasting that the app generates handsome revenue even today, after nearly three years of stopping all sorts of marketing activities.


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